Buying Guide- Hot Stone Massage

Author: Amber Ferguson  Date Posted:11 November 2018 

Hot Stone Massage

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Contemporary Hot Stone Massage is offered all over the world, and is one of the most relaxing massages that exist. The stones are various sizes and fit in the palm of the therapist hand. Once they are sanitized and warmed in water, they are used in conjunction with a body massage; the warm massage oil allows the stones to glide over the body leaving a warm nurturing sensation.

The history of hot rocks indicate that river stones were used in India, Japan and China, while in Hawaii and North America they used lava rocks, both used to treat ancient ailments. The stones may be different but the treatment and methods were very similar to each other, primarily used to improve organ ailments, reduce chronic pain, and increase blood flow for suffers of ill health.

The benefits on Hot Stone Massage include; Increased Blood Flow, the warmth from the stones warms the body and encourages the opening of blood vessels improving circulation. Increased lymphatic circulation, warmth from the massage encourages the circulation of the lymphatic systems and promotes the elimination of toxins from the body. Increase of oxygen to the body, the Increase of oxygen to the muscles will assist in relieving muscle pain and muscle recovery. Relief from muscle tension, by increasing the circulation and blood flow of the body, a deeper massage can be achieved working on muscles, tissue and the skeletal systems that are experiencing pain or tension. Increased Digestion, the increased blood and lymphatic flow assist in the digestive system processes and can relieve complaints of tummy pain and bloating. Hot stones also reduce depression, anxiety, insomnia, and nervous tension, the nurturing warmth from the Hot Stone Massage leaves you with a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. A massage can reduce your heart rate, and slow you’re breathing encouraging calmness and help your body to heal.

Who is this massage good for?

A Hot Stone Massage is a wonderful gift for you or a loved one, suitable for both men and women of all age groups however there may be a few people that it is not suitable for such as anyone that suffers from blood disorders, broken bones and open wounds. If you have an acute illness we recommend you ask your Doctor or Specialist for advice and if this treatment is appropriate.