Buying Guide- Swedish Massage

Author: Amber Ferguson  Date Posted:12 November 2018 

Swedish Massage

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The Swedish massage was developed primarily to improve blood flow, increase oxygen flow and assist in removing toxins from the body. The massage technique was thought to originate from the 1700’s by a Swedish physician Per Henrik Ling. The Swedish Massage is based on the human anatomy and use techniques such as efflurage, petrissage, kneading, tapping and movements that create friction to increase heat and blood flow. 

The benefits of a Swedish Body Massage include;

Increased Blood Flow, the warmth from the massage warms the body and encourages the opening of blood vessels improving circulation. Increased lymphatic circulation, warmth from the massage encourages the circulation of the lymphatic systems and promotes the elimination of toxins from the body. Increase of oxygen to the body, the Increase of oxygen to the muscles will assist in relieving muscle pain and muscle recovery. Muscle preparation and muscle recovery, working by increasing the circulation and blood flow of the body, a deeper massage can be achieved working on muscles, tissue and the skeletal systems. Improvements of the skin colour and condition from the increased blood flow and a reduction in retained fluid.

A Swedish Body Massage is a wonderful gift for you or a loved one, suitable for both men and women of all age groups however there may be a few people that it is not suitable for such as anyone that suffers from blood disorders, broken bones and open wounds. If you have an acute illness we recommend you ask your Doctor or Specialist for advice and if this treatment is appropriate.